Workshop Journal #5: That Escalated Quickly

For seasoned readers to this humble blog, you will have noticed there’s been a dry spell of content recently. While there has been every intention to bring you more new things and to keep the flow of updates chugging along, unfortunately those ‘something more important’ occasions have a way of ruining our best laid plans – mine included.

It’s amazing how quickly the little important things can build up, and over a relatively short period of time too. For instance, I was happily working on writing and other projects, naively managing my workflow, when it seemed all of a sudden I was scooped up and wiped out by a tidal wave of ‘more important things to do’ that came out of the blue.

That’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes, those little responsibilities and must-do’s have a way of creeping up and compounding without us even realising until we’re knee deep in it. For me, it was gradual at first and then all of a sudden I was swamped.

It must be stressed there were no bad or unfortunate circumstances which led to this latest absence since my last post, it was a pressing need to allocate time to other areas. Luckily, like everything in existence, busy periods do eventually end, and now all that was put on hold can commence once again.

Personally, I hate the excuse ‘I’m too busy’, that’s not a good enough reason in my book. While I see the irony in publishing a post saying that I was too busy to do any writing or projects for over a month, it’s a good example of the need to watch my thoughts, especially when they start sounding like ‘I’m too busy for that’. Time needs to be made and sanctified otherwise it will get swallowed up by other priorities.

Like a frog in a pot of water that is heated slowly to boiling, the problem is often that we don’t realise how truly loaded we have become until the water is bubbling. As so often happens, one thing comes up, and then another gently joins the queue, and yet another inconspicuous task comes along, all the while compounding the effect of evaporating time away.

It escalates quickly, and without us even noticing. Before we know it, we’ve given up hobbies, fun activities, recreational time, and side hustles. Because after all, it seems there’s always something more important to do.

The lesson that has come from these past few months of bustle is that time must been taken for doing the things that one enjoys doing. It’s all about priorities and what we feel is the most important thing at a given moment, so make sure you set aside time to do what you find rewarding. For me it’s this blog and the projects associated with it. In closing, I just wanted to say thank you for your patience. I am still writing and making things in my workshop, and promise that there is plenty of fuel in the tank, and plenty more to come!

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Baden Jones
Baden Jones

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