Tevo Tarantula 3D printer

Tevo Tarantula

Tevo Tarantula 3D printer

A spider to be scared of

Tevo’s Tarantula is their offering to the entry level desktop 3D printing market, with its standard size build plate putting it directly into competition with the likes of the Ender 3, HE3D E13, Anet A8 or even Geeetech i3. 

My particular Tarantula is the first generation model originally released in about 2016 (although haven’t been able to confirm production dates) and has since been replaced by a 2nd version which is almost a direct rip-off copy of Creality’s Ender 3 pro.

I was lucky enough to buy a used Tarantula which has the larger build plate volume of 200mm x 280mm which was an optional extra from Tevo. Additional manufactures options include a Titan clone extruder as a replacement for the ‘standard’ MK4 style extruder which is normally included with the kit. Other features of note: an all aluminium extrusion frame, heated build plate and MKS base 1.4 controller as standard. I bought this Tevo with a handful of upgrades already installed such as Aluminium frame corner reinforcements, Volcano clone hotend and BL touch auto bed levelling.

When released this was one of the cheapest printers available on the market, perfect for first timers looking to get into the 3D printing craze, would I recommend this printer for that purpose? No. This is one of those machines which cannot be considered ‘easy’ to work with. Sure it will probably work fine straight out of the box, but given enough time it will become a real Diva requiring constant attention, tinkering and adjusting to keep printing anything of okay quality. The other factor to consider is this printer really only becomes decent once many upgrades have been made, swapping out stock parts for stronger or better thought out designs. 

For the most part this 3D printer is a good base to work with. After adding enough and the right kind of upgrades and modifications it will become a decent manufacturer of parts. I not too disappointed with mine as I bought it used with some nice little features already added and didn’t cost me too much either. Knowing what I know about this machine now I doubt I would recommend buying one new (if you can even still buy them new) or maybe not buying for a first printer or for an only printer setup. There are better (new) alternatives for around the same kind of money.

Standard Specs:

Printer technology: 3 Axis Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)/FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
Packing (shipment) type:shipped unassembled, DIY assembly
Construction:Aluminium extrusion 4020/2020
Machine size:430mm x 440mm x 400mm
Build volume:200mm x 280mm x 200mm
Build plate:Glass, heated 12vdc with external MOSFET
Build plate temperature range:60°C-120°C
Build plate leveling:BL touch
Layer resolution:50 microns
Max printing speed:150mm/s
Positioning AccuracyXY 0.012, Z 0.004
Filament diameter:1.75mm
Hot endE3D Volcano Clone
Nozzle diameter:0.4mm
Nozzle temperature:210°C in normal operations; 260°C max
Extruder:1x Tevo Titan Clone – Bowden extrusion setup
Connectivity:USB, micro SD card
Display:LCD (70mm x 40mm display)
Power supply:250w
input voltage – 110vac/220vac, 60hz/50hz
Secondary voltage – 12vdc
Control:MKS Base 1.4

Mods and Upgrades:

  • Dual Z upgrade
  • BL Touch Auto Bed Leveling
  • Aluminium frame reinforcment
  • E3D Volcano clone hotend
  • Tevo Titan clone extruder
  • LCD Display Mounting Bracket

Are used 3D printers worth the hassle?

After my most recent 3D printer purchase didn’t turn out how I would have wanted it to, I wanted to look further into buying a used 3D printer and whether or not it is worth the hassle.