Made: RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller Case

ThingPart/Model:RepRap Discount Full Graphic Smart Controller CaseDesigner:MightynozzleSource:ThingiversePrintPrinter:Geeetech prusa i3 pro BSlicer:Cura 3.6Layer Hieght:0.15mmPrint Speed:60mm/sExtruder Temp:190°CSupports:NoNotes:noneMaterialBrand:3DFilliesType:PLA+Size:1.75mmColour:BlackLink:filament 1.75mm 1kgSummaryTotal Print Time:Top shell = 3hrs 40minsBottom shell = 3hrs (approx)Display support housing = 37minsTotal Material Used:Top shell = 990cmBottom shell = 900cm (approx)Display support housing = 161cmFeedback:Issues with bed adhesion, ended up using blue tape and came out… Continue reading Made: RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller Case

Design: Cricket Bat display

As a kid, I think most dream of sporting glory. Scoring the winning goal for you team in the Premier League, taking the chequered flag at the Monaco Grand Prix or getting your bowl closest to the jack on the final roll. Whatever! We've all had those kind of aspirations. For me, and I think… Continue reading Design: Cricket Bat display