Made: spray paint handle trigger

21.2 Spray Paint handle trigger tile for use on RB42 blog and social media accounts

Spray paint can after spray paint can and my finger cried out NO MORE! This was the answer to my pain in the finger, a specialty tool for cans of spray paint with an ergonomic grip and trigger operation. Printed in PETG, turned out great!

Made: Cricket Bat Wall Display

Cricket Bat Wall Display, tow mount on the print bed of the Tevo Tarantula having just been competed. Printed out of white PLA plastic.

Needed a couple of Cricket Bat Wall Display mounts, it was the perfect time to try out simplify3d on the Tevo Tarantula.

Made: Anet A8 Filament Guide Arm

Anet A8 filament guide arm in neon yellow ABS

I made a new filament guide for the Geeetech i3 Pro B, printing in ABS for the first time ever.