Made: Lightweight Bookend

Part/Model:Lightweight Bookend
Printer:Creality CR10
Slicer:Cura 3.4.4
Layer Height:0.2mm
Print Speed:60mm/s
Extruder Temp:200°C
Notes:Scaled up by approx 350%
Type:PLA+ Silk
Link:filament 1.75mm 1kg
Total Print Time:20 hours (10 hours each)
Total Material Used:forgot to check, but would say about a quarter of the spool
Feedback:Printed OK and material looks great;
Randomly missed a single layer on one of the bookends otherwise printed fine.

Piles of books in my daughters room were really starting to give me the shits. While I’m happy that she is so into reading and consuming heaps of books what’s not encouraging about my little book worm is the lack of care and organization for her literary collection. All these books range in size from biggish pop-ups to tiny little pocket sized things, there is no standard shape or size. As they were being dumped in boxes and the chucked onto a 2 by 2 Kallax shelving unit, there was much ciaos happening.

I took it upon myself to change the way how the books were being stored, out with the cheap crappy Scandinavian storage cubes and in with a timber shelf! First step was to actually mount the new timber shelf onto the wall with some nice stained timber and dressy shelving brackets. Nothing validates ones own handy-manness like installing shelves! With this mammoth DIY project successfully completed the next step was to place the books onto said shelf, simply placing them on was not good enough due to gravitational forces and a lack of surface friction, books kept sliding down off the damn shelf! Luckily, like all of lifes problems, this one could be solved with a 3D printer and a quick search on the Thingiverse.

I found the design by xyzaxis on the Thingiverse and felt it suited what I was after just fine. The design is simple and could be scaled easily to suit the varying size requirements of the various books on the shelf. With this in mind I up-sized the original to 350% to ensure enough support. The decision to scale up was made after trying a 100% print, but the poor thing was simply too flimsy and was crushed under the weight of snow white and other fairy tails.

Material used is PLA+ Silk in purple from 3DFillies, like all silk PLA’s this one looks fantastic and suits the colour scheme in a little girls room. The design of the part doesn’t show-off the true beauty of this filament but it still looks great contrasting against the stained timber of the shelf and crisp white wall. There was no real complications during printing, just a tiny bit of stringing possibly from not enough retraction and one single missed layer on one of the parts, no idea why this happened but was not repeated on the second part.

On the whole pretty pleased with the final result of both shelf and bookends. A few slicer settings to take into consideration and adjust on the next one should see near perfect prints.

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