On this page is a collection of some of my own designs, most can be printed, some laser cut but there is plenty of scope for interpretation and adaption should the need arise. These designs and concepts have come from problems I’ve encountered in my day to day, mostly little issues which can be solved with little fixes – who said 3D printers where just toys. Please feel free to download any of my designs and use as you see fit. If there is something on this page you would like me to print or cut for you just let me know by sending through an email and I’ll be happy to work some magic for you.

Project West: Part 3 – Replacement Parts

Part Three of a multipart series- Project West, trailer refresh: New parts are bought, designed and manufactured to replace all the old and worn out components. With the project in full swing, progress is being made on the rebuild of the Easytrailer/Harbor freight folding trailer.

Project West: Part 1 – Introduction

Part One of a multipart series- Project West, trailer refresh: An introduction to Project West, how and why it came about, what I am doing for the project and what outcomes I hope to achieve.

Design: Cricket Bat display

As a kid, I think most dream of sporting glory. Scoring the winning goal for you team in the Premier League, taking the chequered flag at the Monaco Grand Prix or getting your bowl closest to the jack on the final roll. Whatever! We’ve all had those kind of aspirations. For me, and I think…