Design: Hat display hook

I’m not a guy who’s than into fashion but I must be honest I have more hats than I would like to admit and my collection continuously grows year on year, especially given that I am a sucker for formula 1 merchandise and need my teams cap for each new season. Much like hanging pieces of art on a wall, team merchandise of this nature is a reflection on the personality of the wearer, for me it reflects my love of the sport of formula 1. There are so many variants which exist on the market, many styles and options and there is only but one head upon which a single cap can be worn at any given moment. So rather than confining my numerous pieces of headgear to the dark and isolated cupboard, I wanted to have them on display when not in use, and thus my Hat Display Hook design was created.

There already existed ‘hat display hangers’ similar to my own design on Thingiverse, such as the following just to name a few: hat wall mount display hanger, high hat – somewhere to hang your hat, and half-hat invisible shelf. These designs by various creators are great in doing what they do, keeping a hat off the ground, on the wall and displaying proudly. The main reason I designed my own was to utilise the most amazing resource ever invented for house-hold decorating – 3M command adhesive strips. These things are amazing (not getting paid to say that, they just are) and make hanging stuff on the walls so so easy. If you’re indecisive like me and change your mind constantly about where things should go or maybe a Muppet like me and make mistakes when measuring and positioning your stuff on a wall, these strips are the solution. They come off clean, don’t leave a mark and don’t peel the paint off when you inevitably have to remove them, unlike some other surface adhesives (looking at you double sided tape). So with the intended fixing method, the size of these hooks have been made to be a perfect fit for a single medium strip, allowing for the pull tab to stick out from the bottom of the hook.

A cap is supported by the finger in the middle of the part which bears its weight and is also provides enough support to be positioned for display, that is providing the cap is decent quality such as a 9FIFTY and not some floppy piece of crap. To keep the cap in place the clip at the top has a hole where the button of the cap will pop into, as long as the button is in the hole the cap will not go anywhere.

It’s as simple as that! Use a 3M strip, stick the hook onto the wall, put your hat into the hook when it’s not on your head. The design and all files can be found on Thingiverse or My Mini Factory. If you you’ve made your own or remixed it please be sure to share!

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