Design: Cricket Bat display

As a kid, I think most dream of sporting glory. Scoring the winning goal for you team in the Premier League, taking the chequered flag at the Monaco Grand Prix or getting your bowl closest to the jack on the final roll. Whatever! We’ve all had those kind of aspirations. For me, and I think most Australian (and countries of British colonial rule) kids it was cricket. Smashing fours and sixes (kinda like a home run for those of you in the States), getting to a half century, then going all the way for the hard fought tonne and raising the bat to the adoring crowd cheering you on. Unfortunately for me, I was not blessed with the cricket gene and so none of that became reality for me… I have since long stopped playing, but still adore the bats which brought so much joy, I did not just want them to be stuck in a dusty old kit bag in storage, rather put on display and admired.

For this there really was not alot available to download or buy if anything. This ended up being a clean sheet design of my own creation to meet my own set of criteria. I wanted to be able to display the bat (obviously) either with the face or spine on display; Not have to modify the bat in anyway; Utilise 3M command adhesive strips for ease of mounting. The design I came up with was 2 piece system which works fantastically well for all those required points.

There are separate mountings for the handle and toe with the toe bearing the weight of the bat, hence needing 2x adhesive strips, while the handle simply holds the bat in an upright position and requires just a single strip.

It’s as simple as that! Use a 3M strip, stick the hook onto the wall, put your hat into the hook when it’s not on your head. The design and all files can be found on Thingiverse or My Mini Factory. If you you’ve made your own or remixed it please be sure to share!

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