Workshop Journal #6: Repair > Replace

Something doesn’t making sense. There is a massive push towards a greener way of living yet it seems as though everything in life more disposable than ever. Rather than being reusable, or more importantly repairable, it’s much easier to simply dispose of the old and buy new. This is a great shame because it’s always…

K40 Laser: Small Problems Don’t Need Big Solutions

From out of nowhere, the usually dependable K40 C02 laser started making An unnerving sound like it’d been possessed by a poltergeist. When your laser sounds like it’s from a horror movie, something ain’t right. While I had my suspicions about the cause, what follows was the process used to diagnose and resolve the problem.…

Workshop Journal #5: That Escalated Quickly

For seasoned readers to this humble blog, you will have noticed there’s been a dry spell of content recently. While there has been every intention to bring you more new things and to keep the flow of updates chugging along, unfortunately those ‘something more important’ occasions have a way of ruining our best laid plans…

Formula E Gen3: Fugly by Design?

Formula E revealed its 3rd generation car that will be used for the forthcoming 2022-23 season. While it will be faster, lighter, and promises to provide more frantic racing, the new design is radical to say the least. It’s so radical in fact, its fugly. How could it have ended up looking like this? 

Project Mixt-E: Part 2 – The EBike Parts

An ebike wouldn’t be an ebike without the electrical bits and pieces that assist in pushing bike and rider along. After all, it’s the electricity that puts the ‘E’ in ebike.  At this stage of the project Mixt-E build I have been able to source the majority of parts that would normally go into a bolt-on DIY kit. But…

Project Mixt-E: Part 1 – Intro

Balancing a classic style with modern ideas is tricky to get right and something not everyone can pull off. When I started the rebuild on this neglected Raleigh Sprite 5, with the intention of turning it into an ebike, I was hoping not to fall into the same trap. Starting with just a bare frame,…

EV 101: Technically What is an Electric Vehicle?

With so much new tech and innovation going into electric vehicles it is understandable for one to become overwhelmed with everything that’s happening. There are obvious examples you see every day and are easily recognisable, like how the inner city is teeming with Teslas. However, with the ludicrous rate of EV development, have you ever…

Workshop Journal #3: The Partial Vacation

We’ve all been at that stage. Where seemingly there is so much going on all at once and simply not enough hours in a day. It gets to a point of saturation where we can no longer work efficiently or to our fullest potential. This is how I was feeling towards the end of 2021,…

A Year of Complications With the Apple Watch

What’s it like coming from a regular watch to the latest Apple Watch? After spending 12 months with one, here’s the good bits and the not so good bits of daily life with Apples wearable timepiece.

Printing a Unique Guitar Headstock Jig

A look at a unique, signature guitar headstock design, made for a professional guitar builder. Taking a simple sketch and turning it into a usable workshop tool.

Creality Ender 3 Pro Assembly Instructions

RB42s assembly instructions are based on the below two factory manuals from Creality. Please reference these manufacturers manuals for further information regarding the assembly process for this particular printer. Use correct safety practices, appropriate tools (in good and working condition) and suitable personal protective equipment while assembling the 3D printer as risk of personal injury…

Tevo Tarantula Display Mount

The Tevo Tarantula needed a place for the LCD display to go, the solution was a nicely designed mounting bracket system that puts the screen in a prime location on the frame of the printer. In this post, I go into some of the finer details of the design and how it has transformed this…

Project West: Part 5 – Pimp My Trailer

Part Five of a multipart series- Project West, Pimp My Trailer: The final instalment in the series! In this part all the upgraded, custom designed and manufactured parts are covered in depth. Design considerations, challenges and solutions for taking the humdrum Easytrailer (Harbor Freight) folding trailer to the next level!

Power to the People! – A look at the Torini Clubmaxx 210

A brief look at the four-stroke kart race engine, Torini Clubmaxx 210, which is taking Australian Karting by storm. In this post: a look at its origins, how it stacks up against the alternative power units and potential performance gains.

Project West: Part 4 – Reassembly

Part Four of a multipart series- Project West, trailer refresh: Having finished fixing the problematic rust, painting various components and gathering new parts it was time to it all back together, transforming a pile of parts into an Easytrailer once again.

Project West: Part 3 – Replacement Parts

Part Three of a multipart series- Project West, trailer refresh: New parts are bought, designed and manufactured to replace all the old and worn out components. With the project in full swing, progress is being made on the rebuild of the Easytrailer/Harbor freight folding trailer.

Project West: Part 2 – Rust Repair and Painting

Part Two of a multipart series- Project West, trailer refresh: Delving deeper into the design, build and existing condition of the Easytrailer folding trailer. Starting the process of fixing rust and other damage all the while dismantling piece by piece.

Project West: Part 1 – Introduction

Part One of a multipart series- Project West, trailer refresh: An introduction to Project West, how and why it came about, what I am doing for the project and what outcomes I hope to achieve.

Made: spray paint handle trigger

Spray paint can after spray paint can and my finger cried out NO MORE! This was the answer to my pain in the finger, a specialty tool for cans of spray paint with an ergonomic grip and trigger operation. Printed in PETG, turned out great!

Are used 3D printers worth the hassle?

After my most recent 3D printer purchase didn’t turn out how I would have wanted it to, I wanted to look further into buying a used 3D printer and whether or not it is worth the hassle.

Yearly Theme: 2021 Year of Anti-Comfort

A detailed explanation of my theme for 2021, the year of anti-comfort. An illogical sounding concept but with intentions of making big improvements over the course of 2021.

Yearly Theme: 2020 the Year of Systems

The 2020 yearly theme: The year of Systems. The need to be organised and having a streamlined workflow was at a critical point, hence the 2020 theme was all about setting up the framework for years of productive work ahead.

CR-10 Mod: Macewen3D MK8 Drive Feed

Part:Frame Braces for Creality CR-10, Tevo Tornado, and Afinibot A31Designer:Macewen3DSource:MK8 Extruder Aluminium Drive Feed UpgradeCost:$29 USD Brief Comments:Well thought out and designed, big improvement over stock driveBang for buck score:7/10 The Standard MK8 extruder on the CR-10 is fundamentally a pretty simple design. There’s an arm, tension spring, toothed drive gear and Idler wheel all…

CR-10 Mod: Frame Braces for Creality CR-10, Tevo Tornado, and Afinibot A31

Part:Frame Braces for Creality CR-10, Tevo Tornado, and Afinibot A31Designer:Mk42WorkshopSource:ThingiverseCost:$20 (approx) for threaded rod Brief Comments:Makes your printer look beefyBang for buck score:5/10 Z braces are all in vogue when it comes to upgrading a 3D printer. It seems if you want to squeeze the absolute maximum performance and print quality out of a machine…

Made: RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller Case

ThingPart/Model:RepRap Discount Full Graphic Smart Controller CaseDesigner:MightynozzleSource:ThingiversePrintPrinter:Geeetech prusa i3 pro BSlicer:Cura 3.6Layer Hieght:0.15mmPrint Speed:60mm/sExtruder Temp:190°CSupports:NoNotes:noneMaterialBrand:3DFilliesType:PLA+Size:1.75mmColour:BlackLink:filament 1.75mm 1kgSummaryTotal Print Time:Top shell = 3hrs 40minsBottom shell = 3hrs (approx)Display support housing = 37minsTotal Material Used:Top shell = 990cmBottom shell = 900cm (approx)Display support housing = 161cmFeedback:Issues with bed adhesion, ended up using blue tape and came out…

Design: Cricket Bat display

As a kid, I think most dream of sporting glory. Scoring the winning goal for you team in the Premier League, taking the chequered flag at the Monaco Grand Prix or getting your bowl closest to the jack on the final roll. Whatever! We’ve all had those kind of aspirations. For me, and I think…

Design: Hat display hook

I’m not a guy who’s than into fashion but I must be honest I have more hats than I would like to admit and my collection continuously grows year on year, especially given that I am a sucker for formula 1 merchandise and need my teams cap for each new season. Much like hanging pieces…

CR-10 Mod: Ultimate Leveling Knob Attachment

Part:CR-10 Ultimate Leveling Knob AttachmentDesigner:ValstrathSource:ThingiverseCost:Some PLA and printer time Brief Comments:Do this mod first before anything!Bang for buck score:11/10 Lets be honest, thumb knobs which come standard on a CR-10 suck. Small and uncomfortable they’re not practical for the frequent use required when leveling the bed. If you’re doing bed levels often, say in between…

Made: Lightweight Bookend

My books kept sliding off the bookshelf, I needed a solution and fast – 3D printing to the rescue as always