This is the official page for the Beeblebrox JBC Racing team, a karting team made up of just two individuals – myself and my brother. We’re not professionals, we’re not aiming to dominate the track or to fill a trophy cabinet and we have no intentions of become the next Juan Lewis Schumacher. Our team exists for the sole purpose for going to the track, having some good racing and enjoying the grass roots level of motorsport that is go karting.

We run a two kart team – an old Monaco GP5 and EA racing OTK something something (not sure what it is exactly, its old). Both karts run differing specs although this is more as a result of chance rather than intentionality and both using Torini Clubmaxx engines. We are running in the 4SS (super sprint) class with Eastern Lions Karting Club based at the karting complex at Pukapunya, this class is cheap and competitive and offers fantastic close racing for all involved, with the class growing year on year.

While we may not make it to each club meet or social track day we will try make regular appearances at the track. If you happen to be at a meet feel free to come say hi and have a chat!

Monaco GP5 and EA racing OTK karts as part of Beeblebrox JBC racing team.

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