Anet A8

Good bye Anet, we hardly knew ye…

When I came into possesion of this printer the intention was to use it as a back up for my CR-10. After fixing a bunch of small and pain in the arse fixes – a clogged nozzle, heater cartridge replacement etc, it finally started working! Printing like crap but working non the less.

Shortly after finally getting it to a less shit state, a work colleague was toying with the idea of buying his first printer and wasn’t sure if he wanted to invest the money. Me being the unselfish, generous and thoughtful person that I am (as well as being Time magazines person of the year 2006 FYI) made the suggestion to lend out this machine for him to try for “a little while”….. Over twelve months later it was still out on its test drive, at least it was getting used:)

UPDATE: My work colleague and I finally came to an agreement which went like this:

Work friend “thanks for lending me your Anet, I’m really enjoying 3D printing!”

me “I’m not getting the Anet back am I?”

Work friend “how about I just buy it from you?”

me “sounds like a plan!”

And so there you have it, I at one stage was the owner of a Anet A8 (I was going to say proud owner but I never really had it long enough to be proud of anything on it). For the week or so I had it in my possession it was a printer that had potential and much that could be improved on. Its new owner had already started modifying it even more before I had officially sold it to him, and I would have been doing exactly the same thing.

Now that my Anet Journey has come to a close would I recommend buying one? I definitely wouldn’t pay full price for a brand new machine, but would say that if there is a good second hand one that can be sourced its well worth considering especially if its for somebody just getting into the hobby. The minimal financial layout and easy to which this machine can be tinkered with and modified is a good starting point and if something gets broken then its easy enough to fix or not worth getting upset about considering the cost.

Goodbye Anet A8, maybe we’ll meet again some sunny day…

Standard Specs:

Printer technology: 3 Axis Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)/FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
Packing (shipment) type:DIY kit, full assembly required
Construction:Acrylic frame
Build volume:220mm x 220mm x 240mm
Build Surface:Glass
Build plate heat bed:MK2 12vdc, max temp. 110°C
Build plate leveling:Manual
Layer resolution:0.1mm to 0.3mm
Filament diameter:1.75mm
Hot endMK8
Nozzle diameter:0.4mm
Nozzle temperature:upto 250°C in normal operations; 270°C max
Extruder:single MK8 direct
Connectivity:USB, micro SD card
Display:LCD2004 (99mm x 60mm display)
Power supply:input voltage – 110vac/220vac, 60hz/50hz
Secondary voltage – 12vdc
Control:Anet Ramps

Mods and upgrades:

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