Creality Ender 3 Assembly Instructions

RB42s assembly instructions are based on the below two factory manuals from Creality. Please reference these manufacturers manuals for further information regarding the assembly process for this particular printer. Use correct safety practices, appropriate tools (in good and working condition) and suitable…

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Workshop Journal #6: Repair > Replace

Something doesn’t making sense. There is a massive push towards a greener way of living yet it seems as though everything in life more disposable than ever. Rather than being reusable, or more importantly repairable, it’s much easier to simply dispose of the old and buy new. This is a great shame because it’s always better to fix than to throw.

K40 Laser: Small Problems Don’t Need Big Solutions

From out of nowhere, the usually dependable K40 C02 laser started making An unnerving sound like it’d been possessed by a poltergeist. When your laser sounds like it’s from a horror movie, something ain’t right. While I had my suspicions about the cause, what follows was the process used to diagnose and resolve the problem. The following is a blog post about the pain-in-the-arse experience I went through to eventually fix this misbehaving K40. Hopefully this may help out anyone else who might experience a similar issue.

Workshop Journal #5: That Escalated Quickly

For seasoned readers to this humble blog, you will have noticed there’s been a dry spell of content recently. While there has been every intention to bring you more new things and to keep the flow of updates chugging along, unfortunately those ‘something more important’ occasions have a way of ruining our best laid plans – mine included.

Formula E Gen3: Fugly by Design?

Formula E revealed its 3rd generation car that will be used for the forthcoming 2022-23 season. While it will be faster, lighter, and promises to provide more frantic racing, the new design is radical to say the least. It’s so radical in fact, its fugly. How could it have ended up looking like this? 

Project Mixt-E: Part 2 – The EBike Parts

An ebike wouldn’t be an ebike without the electrical bits and pieces that assist in pushing bike and rider along. After all, it’s the electricity that puts the ‘E’ in ebike.  At this stage of the project Mixt-E build I have been able to source the majority of parts that would normally go into a bolt-on DIY kit. But instead of simply buying a complete off-the-shelf kit, I did it the way any unorganised person would – one piece at a time. There was reason behind this round-a-bout way of cobbling together a kit. Put simply, the specific electric motor for the build wasn’t…

Project Mixt-E: Part 1 – Intro

Balancing a classic style with modern ideas is tricky to get right and something not everyone can pull off. When I started the rebuild on this neglected Raleigh Sprite 5, with the intention of turning it into an ebike, I was hoping not to fall into the same trap. Starting with just a bare frame, everything would need rebuilding from the ground up. There are many steps in the process and many square pegs that would need fitting into round holes. While in my mind I could envision something wonderful, would it turn out this way in reality?